Low Cost Websites

Need a new or improved website?

A lot of businesses still don’t have a website! Why? Because it’s seen as either too expensive, too time consuming or too daunting. But it doesn’t have to be and I can help with this too.

By using a free template based web system, I can get you up and running with a new website in next to no time. I can take care of all the arrangements, including:

  • obtaining and configuring your domain name (the www.yourcompany bit)
  • arranging an email service
  • building your website
  • & either showing you how to maintain things going forward or helping further as required. Depending on your requirements and with the exception of content updates, your new website might cost you as little as $23 per year. This being the cost of the domain name.

So what’s next? Simply give me a call, we’ll catch-up, discuss your ideas and content, then I get to work – no fuss! Your new website could be up and running for a lot less outlay and in a lot less time than you think.

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